Our Training Program

Horse Training and rope work

We train all breeds including Quarter Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters and other gaited horses, Paints, Warmbloods, and even Mules. We will start colts, work on problem horses, or just give your horse a tune up.

While the main focus of our training program is for Recreational Trail Riding, our foundation program is a starting point for many types of horse activities. 

Warren’s goal is to teach the horse to be patient, accept leadership, and to respect and trust the rider. Training requires regular, consistent exercises, including ground work each time the horse is getting ready to be ridden. 
The average time for a horse to be at the training center is two months. During that time, the owner is encouraged to visit to learn what techniques are being used and ride the horse under Warren’s direction. The training focuses on developing and maintaining feel, timing, and balance.

The training facility located near Sterling, Colorado has an indoor arena, round pens, and runs for up to 20 horses at a time. The clean, neat, safe pens and facility are an ideal place for year round training.

The horsemanship and communication training philosophy and methods that Warren uses are adapted from Bill and Tom Torrance, Ray Hunt, Pat Parelli, John Lyons, Dennis Reis, Clinton Anderson, Curt Pate, and Chris Cox.

If you are interested in Western Trail Horses Training program, please contact us.

Training Exercises include:

  • Head position for catching, haltering and brideling
  • Leading with feel - forward, backward, right and left
  • Shoulder and hip piviots - including hip disengagement for better control of the horse
  • Lateral and vertical flexion and following hand direction - forward and reserve
  • Acceptance of objectionable materials ie: accepting flags, plastic bags and lariats or a tarp on the ground and over the saddle
  • Standing quietly for saddling and mounting
  • Mounting from a fence
  • Waiting patiently for cue
  • Responding with a float in the reins, riding on a loose rein
  • Practice trailer loading

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